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Industrial park  “Chistopol” is a ready-for-construction industrial area of 292 hectares total square. The park territory includes such general infrastructure facilities as roads, power supply, gas supply and water supply facilities, as well as waste water disposal.


We create the best solutions and environment for productions' start-up and development of big companies by attracting investments and up-to-date technologies.

We take care about environment protection and contribute to the welfare growth of the population and the economic potential of the Republic of Tatarstan. 

Looking to mutually-beneficial cooperation with:

  • industrial enterprises, specializing in final output manufacturing in machinery, consumer goods, food processing, agricultural industry, chemical and petrochemical industry etc.; 
  • industrial enterprises, specializing in technological conversions; 
  • enterprises – raw materials suppliers and tooling vendors; 
  • financial institutions – banks, investment and lease companies; 
  • self-employed individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises.
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